It’s a pleasure to be able to excite people with my words, to make them laugh and cry – and to leave them with the sense that their time with me was well spent. For all of my serious work, I use my given name; for my humor writing I use the pseudonym, "Scrappy Pappy".

Fiction Non Fiction Book Reviews

Date Title Details
March 2007 Paraglider Tow Bridle Warning Hang Gliding Paragliding magazine
(Volume 37 Issue 3)
Spring 2006 FlytoberFest 2005 Paraglider magazine (Volume Five No.1)
Winter 2005 Bionic II: Bird of a Different Feather Paraglider magazine (Volume Four No.3)
Winter 2005 The Buddi Buoy Paraglider magazine (Volume Four No.3)
Winter 2005 Manuevers Article Title Page Photo Paraglider magazine (Volume Four No.3)
Summer 2005 The Beaches Have Landed Paraglider magazine (Volume Four No.2)
Summer 2005 The Buzzards Club Fly-in Paraglider magazine (Volume Four No.2)
Spring 2005 Incident Report Paraglider magazine (Volume Four No.1)
Fall 2004 How to Sink (or otherwise lose) Your Boat Times of the Islands (No. 68)
Summer 2004 Your Last Chance Paraglider Magazine (Volume Two No. 2)
July 2004 Sunrise Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul
Discovered June 2004 The Affliction Quote from my story, The Affliction found its way into quotation websites.
January 2004 Chucho Divers Developed all written content for Chucho Divers website
October/November 2003 An Air Affair The Flying Life magazine
Spring 2003 Flandy’s Flying Circus Paraglider magazine (Volume Two No.2)
Spring 2003 A Migration of Motorheads Paraglider magazine (Volume Two No. 2)
Winter 2002/2003 Attack of the Slime Creature Paraglider magazine (Volume Two No. 1)
Fall 2002 The Affliction Paraglider magazine (Volume One No. 2)
Fall 2002 Space Harpin’
July 2002 Grampa’s Forest Inscriptions magazine
May 2002 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Powered Paragliding ULTRA FLIGHT magazine
February 2000 How Allergies Work
April 1993 The Fateful Sting Bee Culture magazine
September 1989 Journalism Ethics Chapel Hill Herald and Hillsborough News and Record